Time to Completion

The Doctoral program in the School generally requires 4 years (12 terms) of full-time study to complete.   Funding packages are available to students during this time through a combination of the potential funding sources listed below:

Funding Sources
  • external funding awards like TriCouncil PGSM Doctoral Funding Awards (CIHR/NSERC/SSHRC)
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS)
  • other internal funding awards 
  • Queen’s Graduate Award allocation
  • Teaching Assistantships are available during the first four (4) years of study, and may be available beyond four years in order to  meet undergraduate teaching requirements
  • Research Assistantships (RAs) are also offered by faculty members depending on their own research program requirements.  Check with your supervisor to determine if they have an RA opportunity for you. 
  • Teaching Fellowships (TFs) are also available depending on the needs of the School’s undergraduate programs.  Available positions and application instructions are posted on the School’s website as positions are identified – typically during spring and fall of each year.

This is the typical time line for doctoral students:

  • Year 1 (Fall and Winter Terms): coursework (2 graduate level one-term courses)
  • Year 1 (Spring/Summer Term): write comprehensive examination
  • Year 2: Identify Thesis Proposal Committee, write and orally defend a thesis proposal
  • Year 3: Thesis research
  • Year 4: Thesis research, write, and orally defend thesis

Pathway to PhD Doctoral Degree Completion – Roadmap

A record of your progress is kept in your SKHS graduate student file. Regulations concerning the time limits established by SGS for completing degrees, and the special circumstances in which these time limits may be altered, are set out in the SGS Calendar.

Full Time Study

All doctoral students study in an on-campus, full-time capacity. The School does not offer any part-time programs.  It is possible to switch to part-time status in the 5th year of study. 

Change of Status to Part-Time Study

Students may request a change of status to part-time study to commence during their fifth year of study if they have been unable to complete their studies during the customary four-year period.   There are criteria that must be met to be granted this status. You must make application 30 days in advance of the requested change i.e. apply in August to begin part-time in September.As a part-time student your tuition fees will be reduced to half. As an off-campus student you will no longer be required to pay for a variety of other on-campus status fees.

How to Apply for Part-Time Status for 3rd Year
  • Prepare a Plan of Study with hard dates, including a proposed oral defense date, in consultation with your supervisor.  This document may be in the form of an email.
  • Obtain signed permission from your supervisor on the Plan of Study.
  • Prepare the Part Time On or Off Campus Form, sign it and have your supervisor sign it.
  • Arrange to visit with the SKHS Graduate Assistant (skhs.grad@queensu.ca /  x 75214) to prepare and sign the Academic Change Form, obtain the SKHS Director’s approval, and submit the package to SGS for consideration.

You will receive notification from SGS via email in approximately 15 days from the date of submission.