Pattern II Master’s Degree Completion

Transferring from Pattern 1 to Pattern II

In exceptional circumstances, and after consultation with the SKHS graduate coordinator, some students may be permitted to complete a Pattern II program of study based on course work and a major research paper. To transfer from Pattern I to Pattern II, the student and supervisor should meet with the graduate coordinator to prepare a request of the School of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs.

The degree awarded will remain a master’s degree (MA or MSc) in Kinesiology and Health Studies. 

Degree Requirements

The degree requirements for students in the Pattern II master’s are: 

  1. Completion of at least seven one-term graduate level courses, of which three are to be taken within SKHS. The minimum passing grade in each course is B-. 
  2. Completion of a Major Research Project (KHS 898). 
  3. Completion of the AODA accessibility online tutorial suite. 
  4. Completion of the Health and Safety Awareness online tutorial. 
  5. Completion of the online Course in Research Ethics (CORE) education course. 
KHS 898: Major Research Project

The Graduate Coordinator and the student will collaborate to appoint a Project Advisory Committee consisting of two faculty members who will oversee the completion of the Major Research Project (KHS 898). 

The student must submit a project proposal to be approved by the Project Advisory Committee. The proposal must include: 

  1. The topic of research and/or research question; rationale for the study
  2. Proposed method for completion and project format (e.g. research paper, presentation, etc.)
  3. Project timeline 

Upon approval, the project proposal and a completed KHS 898 Project Proposal Form must be submitted to the SKHS graduate assistant. 

Project Submission and Degree Completion

The student is not required to orally defend their major research project. The Project Advisory Committee will grade the project. A grade of 65% / B- or higher (averaged across the two committee member evaluations) must be achieved in order to pass. 

Upon grading, the Project Advisory Committee must complete a Master’s Pattern II Program Completion Form and submit it to the SKHS graduate assistant.