Graduate Research


Graduate Courses

M.Sc. students are required to enroll in four courses (two per term) and Ph.D. students are required to enroll in two courses, either within or outside of the SKHS. Independent studies are a one term course which allow students to work with their supervisor in a multitude of ways, gaining further knowledge and skills in an area of research of their interest. Graduate courses are tailored towards comprehensive understanding of course topics, with an emphasis on critical thinking, all while incorporating necessary writing, presentation, and communication skills. Graduate classes are selected in correspondence to the students area of research.


Graduate students are required to apply for grants and funding through Canadian Graduate Scholarships and Ontario Graduate Scholarships. Graduate students are also required to present a research proposal, detailing their projected research study, which includes an introduction, methods, and expected findings. Once this is completed, students will begin the process of data collection, which inherently will look different for each discipline and student. This can include training individuals through an exercise program, acquiring strength measurements with the isokinetic dynamometer, taking muscle samples and interpreting rates of protein synthesis, etc. Finally, students will defend their thesis in front of a committee, in which they will present their work and findings. 


As a graduate student, you will attend both local, national, and international conferences throughout the semester. Most often, you will be presenting your research, either in a poster format or orally as a presentation. Conferences provide the opportunity for not only learning, but also as a means to fostering connections with other like-minded researchers. 

Life in Kingston

Kingston offers a variety of local outdoor activities and big city experiences just hours away. Beautiful hiking trails such as Lemoine Point and the K&P Trail offer the opportunity for an enjoyable and peaceful walk. Looking for more of a weekend getaway? Prince Edward County, a small town which sits on the eastern shores of Lake Ontario are known for their breathtaking wineries and scenic way of life. On the contrary, Kingston is just hours away from major cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, making it the perfect place for people who want to experience a little bit of everything.

Eveline and Peter presenting at OEP 2023. July 2023
Kristine instrumenting a leg brace. November 2023.
Andres and Cary after an exhaustive cycling test. October 2023.
Kristi after her thesis proposal defence. November 2023.
Sydney presenting her thesis proposal at OEP 2023. July 2023


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