Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research Mini-Stream


The Queen’s University Muscle Physiology Lab (QMPL) and the Nutrition and Metabolism Research Group (NMRG) are accepting applications to the SKHS Research Mini-Stream. Research Mini-Stream students in the QPML/NMRG will be co-supervised by Drs. Brendon Gurd and Chris McGlory.

Drs. Gurd and McGlory are committed to providing Research Mini-Stream opportunities to BIPOC students. If you identify as a BIPOC student and are interested in nutrition and exercise metabolism you are highly encouraged to apply. If you are comfortable doing so please identify yourself as BIPOC in your application. 

It is anticipated that successful applicants will complete the Research Skills Development Practicum (HLTH/KNPE 352) in 3rd year (2023-34) and an Honours Thesis (HLTH/KNPE 595) in 4th year (2024-25) under the co-supervision of Drs. Gurd and McGlory. The completion of an independent study literature review (HLTH/KNPE 456) during the summer between 3rd and 4th year (summer 2024) will be strongly encouraged. Students successfully completing 352 and 595 will receive the SKHS Research Mini-Stream Certificate.

Required Courses

HLTH/KNPE 352 – Research Skills Development Practicum

  • Receive formal instruction and feedback on presentation skills.
  • Deconstruct research problems in published literature.
  • Learn to support research questions with relevant literature and to assess study design and methodological strengths and limitations.
  • Receive training and experience with the breadth of research techniques utilized in the QPML and NMRG.
  • Assist graduate student research project and contribute to research that meets publication standards.

HLTH/KNPE 456 – Literature review (completed remotely during summer between 3rd and 4th year)

  • Complete a review of the literature relevant to thesis project.
  • Generate a research question and contribute to design of thesis project.

HLTH/KNPE 595 – Honours Thesis

  • Complete a research project that meets publication standards in collaboration with other Mini-Stream students and graduate students from the QPML/NMRG.
  • Contribute to all aspects of the research process with a focus on data collection and analysis.
  • Present thesis work at the Ontario Exercise Physiology Conference.

Samples of published 4th year thesis work from former research mainstream students can be found herehere, and here.

The majority of previous graduates from the QMPL/NMRG Research Mini-Stream have gone on to post graduate degrees in research, medicine, and physiotherapy.

Interested Applicants

Submit an application package including the following:

  • A copy of the applicants CV and transcript
  • A cover letter that highlights the following:
    • experiences relevant to working in the QMPL/NMRG
    • a description of the characteristics and skills you possess that you believe will allow you to succeed as research intern working in the QPML/NMRG
    • a brief discussion of your motivation for completing the Research Mini-Stream

Applicants  to the Queen’s Muscle Physiology Lab (QMPL) and Nutrition and Metabolism Research Group (NMRG) should send their applications directly to Drs. Brendon Gurd and Chris McGlory. Please title the e-mail ‘Research Mini-Stream Application’.

Any questions on the application process can be sent directly to Drs. Brendon Gurd and Chris McGlory via email.


Dr. Brendon Gurd: gurdb@queensu.ca

Dr. Chris McGlory: chris.mcglory@queensu.ca


28 Division St. Kingston, ON, 37L 3N6