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Dr. Brendon Gurd in the News

01/19/2017 – News Article: “Study: Here’s how to tell if your workouts are working“. Written by Dick Mathison in the Kingston Herald.

01/03/2017 – News Article: “Is your workout not working? Maybe you’re a non-responder“. Written by Gretchen Reynolds in the New York Times.

06/24/2016 – Online Article” “Longevity, human health may be linked to a muscle cell enzyme“. In Science Daily.

10/31/2014 – News Article: “Fun and games make for better learners“. Written by Rosie Hales in the Queen’s Gazette.

10/29/2014 – News Article: “Resveratrol could reverse benefits of being active” Written by Rosie Hales in the Queen’s Gazette.

11/17/2013 – News Article: “Study suggests antioxidant blocks exercise gains“. Written by Alex Hutchison in the Globe and Mail.

10/23/2013 – News Article: “Want to try high-intensity interval training? Consider these four things“. Written by Alex Hutchison in the Globe and Mail

Students in the News

09/14/2018 – Online Article (Jacob Bonafiglia & Nick Preobrazenski): “Speaking while exercising? Not if you want to get fitter“. Written by Alex Hutchison in the Globe and Mail.

10/16/2017 – Online Article (Nick Preobrazenski): “Nick Preobrazenski, APNM Undergraduate Research Excellence Award Winner“. Written by Nick Preobrazenski in the Canadian Science Publishing Blog.

07/07/2017 – News Article (Jacob Bonafiglia): “Five Queen’s students earn Vanier Scholarships“. Written by Anne Craig in the Queen’s Gazette.

03/14/2017 – News Article (Jacob Bonafiglia): “Is your workout pain but no gain?“. Written by Peta Bee in The Times UK.

02/16/2017 – Online Article (Jacob Bonafiglia): “What to do when your workout isn’t working“. Written by Melaina Junta in Men’s Journal.

01/23/2017 – News Article (Jacob Bonafiglia): “Why your exercise routine might not be working – and the at-home test you can try to find out“. Written by Victoria Hall in The Telegraph.

07/24/2016 – News Article (Brittany Edgett): “An energizing discovery: New insight into energy production in human cells could lead to new treatments for metabolic diseases“. Written by Communications Staff in the Queen’s Gazette.

07/22/2016 – Online Article (Brittany Edgett): “Fasting, exercise, and SIRT3“. Written by Nicholas Miliaras in BioTechniques News.

10/30/2015 – Online Article (Jacob Bonafiglia): “APNM Undergraduate Research Excellence Award Winner Profile: Jacob Bonafiglia“. Written by Jacob Bonafiglia in the Canadian Science Publishing Blog.


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