Beth Barz

Teaching Fellow

Sport Psychology

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Beth’s current research interest revolves around Coach Developers in multisport and sport-specific settings; she is currently pursuing a PhD Candidate in this area.

Beth is also a Kingston high school teacher, Master Coach Developer, and World Rugby Trainer who regularly applies adult learning and pedagogical principles in education and sport. She is an experienced Facilitator and Mentor Coach for the Advanced Coaching Diploma program at the Canadian Sport Institutes in Toronto, Calgary, and Victoria where she supports high-performance coaches in values-based leadership and decision making.

Beth is also in her 20th season coaching university varsity rugby (both women’s and men’s) and has served on the Ontario senior women’s team staff for several seasons. All these experiences contribute to significant support for the practical aspects of the upper year KNPE 337 course.

Undergraduate Courses

KNPE 337 – Physical Activity Promotion for Children and Youth (Winter 2023)