Study Abroad

Undergraduates in the Faculty of Arts & Science can study outside the country and have the courses count towards their degree.

1. International Exchange

Queen’s has agreements with over 100 universities in more than 30 countries, which allows students to “exchange places” with students from the partner universities. In a typical year, approximately 40 SKHS undergraduates take advantage of this opportunity, normally in the Winter Term of their third year of study.

While on exchange students pay Queen’s tuition but register as a visiting student with the host university. At the end of the exchange, students bring the course credits back to count towards their Queen’s degree.

For more information on exchanges, go to the International Programs Office website.

2. Independent Study Abroad

Any student who is in good academic standing who wants to study internationally at another university can make their own arrangements to do so. However, students are independently responsible for finding a program and following that institution’s application procedures and deadlines.  Tuition fees are payable directly to the other institution.

Formal permission to study abroad is required to ensure that the course credits will count towards a Queen’s degree.  Students must successfully apply for an International Letter of Permission through the International Programs Office.