Transferring Courses

Admission to Queen's

At the time of admission to Queen’s, a student with credit for university-level courses must submit these courses for assessment to the University Registrar. If the courses are approved for transfer, an entry denoting the course(s) and units allowed will be entered on your transcript to SOLUS. 

Incoming students should confirm with Admissions that all transfer credit assessments are completed before taking Queen’s courses that are equivalent (a course cannot be double-counted towards a degree).

Current Students

To take a course at another institution in order to transfer it towards their Queen’s degree, students must do the following.

  1. Apply for a Letter of Permission (LOP) from the Faculty of Arts and Science.
  2. Apply for admission to the other university to take a course as a “visiting student” (supporting document will be the LOP from Arts & Science).
  3. Upon completion of the course, have an official transcript sent from the other university to the Faculty of Arts and Science. They will enter the transferred course(s) and units to your transcript on SOLUS.

• As there is an administrative fee for an LOP, students are advised to research approved transfer equivalencies on the ONTransfer website.
• If the course you want to take has never been assessed, you may want to contact the appropriate Undergraduate Office (e.g. CHEM, PHIL, etc.) with the course description and ask if they would approve it – before submitting the application for an LOP.
• The eCampusOntario website lists all the online courses at Ontario Universities.
• The SKHS UG Chair does all the transfer credit assessments for HLTH, KNPE and PACT courses.
• For more information go to the Faculty of Arts & Science Letters of Permission website.