Academic Culture & Opportunities for Involvement

One of the unique aspects of studying in the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies is the tremendously multi-disciplinary nature of our environment. Research in the School spans a broad range from the humanities to theoretical and applied social science to basic and applied physical sciences. What links us together is an interest in movement, exercise and sport and the way that these have been related to health in both historical and contemporary contexts. To bring cohesion to such a diverse range of interests, it is important that we all make a strong effort to learn about the different types of work pursued by our colleagues. Members of the School try to facilitate this learning in both formal and informal ways.

SKHS Seminar Series

This forum brings all SKHS graduate students and faculty members together on a regular basis to enjoy presentations related to research activities ongoing in the School.  Attendance at these seminars is considered a mandatory, non-credit, part of your education. At the seminar you will hear presentations by visiting scholars, by our own faculty, faculty from other departments at Queen’s, and by grad students in our own program. The purpose of the presentations is not just to increase your exposure to different types of research but also to help you develop your skills as an academic. Use the seminars as an opportunity to develop questioning skills and to engage in public discussion.  Click here for details regarding the SKHS Seminar Series

SKHS Research Colloquium

This one-day annual conference provides students with an opportunity to make formal conference presentations in a comfortable environment. For many students Research Colloquium is a chance for them to make their first formal conference presentation. It provides an excellent opportunity to see the different types of work that are undertaken in our School and also to hear a presentation by an invited speaker. The conference is normally held at the end of the winter term.

As in any academic department, graduate students are integral to the running of the School.

SKHS Subcommittees:
  1. Academic Council (1 master’s and 1 doctoral student) (which sets general policy for the School’s graduate and undergraduate programs)
  2. Graduate Subcommittee (1 master’s and 1 doctoral student)
  3. Faculty hiring committees (1 graduate student in the discipline area)
  4. Other ad hoc committees as appropriate.
Society for Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS)

In addition, graduate students select an SKHS representative to the Society for Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) which is the main body responsible for graduate student affairs at Queen’s. This body appoints graduate student members to larger University committees. It also provides services, advice and advocacy for graduate students.

Graduate students select their various subcommittee representatives through an election process during an SKHS Graduate Student Council meeting early each September. The list of these representatives is given to the SKHS Administrative Assistant to be recorded on the SKHS Committee Representatives list for that academic session.

The Student Advisor program is a free and confidential service that provides advice, strategies for self-advocacy and referrals to Graduate and Professional students at Queen’s. Our office works to help students navigate many different issues, including student-supervisor relationships, academic policies and procedures, funding and finances, academic appeals, how to deal with issues of discrimination or harassment and any other personal or academic issue. 

To contact the SGPS Student Advisor Program, email, and also check out the website at:

SKHS Student Graduate Council

CLICK HERE for SKHS Graduate Student Council website