Pattern II Degree Program

Pattern II (Course-Based Master’s)

Degree Requirements

In exceptional circumstances and after consultation with the graduate coordinator some students may be permitted to complete a program of study based on course work and a major research paper (Program Pattern II*). The Graduate Coordinator and the student will collaborate to appoint a Project Advisory Committee consisting of two faculty members who will to oversee completion of KHS 898 (see below).  At least one of the two faculty members must have an appointment within the School.

*transferring from Pattern I (thesis based Master’s) to Pattern II also requires SGS approval.

The degree requirements for students in a Pattern II Master’s program are:

1.         Completion of at least seven one-term graduate level courses of which at least three courses must be taken within the School, to be added or dropped using the Academic Change Form.  A grade of B- or better is required to pass each course.

2.         Completion of a research project (KHS-898 – Individual Project)* on a specific problem in the field of study.  Candidates are expected to work in close contact with their project advisory committee.

3.        Completion of the AODA accessibility online tutorial suite including:

HR 101 online tutorial

Access Forward online tutorial 

Accessible Customer Service online tutorial 

Accessible Instruction for Educators online tutorial – required in order to serve as a Teaching Assistant and/or Teaching Fellow – Pattern II master’s students are not required to serve as TAs but if they wish to do so must complete this tutorial during Orientation Week or prior to performing any TA or TF responsibilities

4.        Completion of the Health and Safety Awareness online tutorial 

5.        Completion of the online Course in Research Ethics  (CORE) education course before beginning any research work involving human subjects.  The tutorial is available online at Course in Research Ethics (CORE). 

Regular Progress Reports

Students must complete regular Progress Reports at the end of each of their terms of study during their studies using the SKHS Master’s Program Progress Report.  Progress Report Forms are provided directly to the student to make arrangements for updating with their supervisor.

Degree Awarded

Master’s degree (MA or MSc) in Kinesiology and Health Studies.

*KHS-898 Research Project Requirements

Project Proposal

The KHS 898 Research Project must include a project proposal, accompanied by the KHS 898 Project Proposal Form which must include:

  • the topic/question supported by a rationale;
  • the approach for completion;
  • the timeline and iv) the deliverables of the project that will be graded (e.g. research paper, presentation, etc.). 

This proposal must be approved by the Project Advisory Committee, ideally during the third term of study.  A copy of the approved project proposal and a signed Project Proposal Form must be submitted to the SKHS Graduate Assistant.

Submission of Approved Project

The project will not be subject to an oral defense, but will graded by the Project Advisory Committee as agreed upon in the approved project proposal. 

Grading of Approved Project

A grade of 65% / B- or better (averaged across the 2 evaluations from the project advisory committee members) is required to pass.

Completion of the SGS Master’s Program Completion Form – Pattern II and III

The SKHS Graduate Assistant to prepare the Completion Form; include required attachments; obtain relevant signatures from the Project Advisory Committee,  and the SKHS Director; and submit to SGS for final processing.