Format of Thesis and Thesis Oral Defense Prep

Thesis Oral Defense Preparation Meeting

SKHS graduate students are required to visit the SKHS Graduate Assistant/ Thesis Coordinator to prepare for their master’s defense no less than fifteen (15) working days prior to the date of the oral defense, or sooner where possible.  Graduate Assistant contact information:
Tel: x 75214
Location: SKHS Building, 28 Division Street, KHS 206

Defense Preparation/Thesis Submission Meeting

The SKHS Graduate Assistant must be notified about the thesis oral defense fifteen (15) working days prior to the scheduled exam.  

The Thesis Oral Defense Form Must Include:

  1. Student signature for open defense (closed defenses are possible in some circumstances – consult with the SKHS Grad Assistant as appropriate).
  2. Date, time, and location of the oral defense.
  3. Student to work their Graduate Supervisor to identify their Committee Members.
  4. Graduate Supervisor to provide SKHS Graduate Assistant/Thesis Coordinator with the names and units of the Graduate Supervisor, Internal Examiner, and External Examiner.  In some cases the Graduate Supervisor will also identify the Head’s Delegate. 
  5. Supervisor may choose to identify the Head’s Delegate or they may direct the SKHS Graduate Assistant/Thesis Coordinator to identify a Head’s Delegate per the SKHS Faculty Member Defense Service roster.
  6. Supervisor may choose to identify the Chair or they may direct the SKHS Graduate Assistant/Thesis Coordinator to identify a Chair per the SKHS Faculty Member Defense Service roster.
  7. Student to advise if any members of the Examining Committee require remote access, i.e. Zoom.

Following the Defense Preparation/Thesis Submission Meeting, and within five (5) working days, the SKHS Grad Assistant/Thesis Coordinator will:

  • Identify both a Chair and a Head’s Delegate (where required) using the SKHS Faculty Member Defense Service roster. 
  • Obtain signatures of permission to proceed to defense from the Graduate Supervisor and the SKHS Graduate Coordinator or SKHS Director.

Where the full examining committee is in place on the date of submission of the thesis copies including the chair and the  head’s delegate, the thesis copies may be submitted within ten (10) working days before the oral defense (not including the submission date or the oral examination date).

Corrections to Thesis Document

Students may not provide corrections to their thesis after it has been submitted to the examining committee in preparation for the oral defense.  If the edit is substantial, i.e. a page or more affecting the examiner’s ability to understand the document, it may be granted on a one-off basis.  Arrangements may be made via the SKHS Graduate Assistant.

Instructions and Forms for Students

Thesis Printing Instructions

SKHS Format of Thesis Traditional

SKHS Format of Thesis by Manuscript

SGS Thesis Formatting, Naming and Other Instructions

Permission of Co-Authors Form  (instructions are sent directly to student via email once their defense has been confirmed)

Instructions for Supervisors, Examiners, and Chairs on Master’s Oral Defenses

An email is sent by the SKHS Thesis Coordinator to the Supervisor, Examiners, and Chair via email referring to the appropriate form below:

Examiners Regulations for Master’s Oral Examination

Chairs Checklist for Master’s Oral Examination

SKHS Head’s Delegate Role and Responsibilities

Definitions for Pass/Referred/Fail Outcome on a  Master’s Defense

Thesis defense outcomes and definitions available on SGS website as Part III Discussion and Outcome of Thesis Defense.  A copy of these regulations is provided to the Chair as part of the oral defense package provided 3 days prior to the oral defense date.

Other Information and Instructions

Instructions and Procedures re Examiners Absence from Oral Defense