Course Syllabus

Developing a Course Syllabus

(clipped from the Centre for Teaching and Learning Website)

The development of a course syllabus is an integral part of an instructor’s overall pedagogy because the syllabus is provides students with a comprehensive overview of the course’s aims and objectives, learning outcomes, and assessment strategies. In many ways, the course syllabus functions as text itself for each course. Because of this, much care must be taken in developing a syllabus that communicates all aspects of a course to students.

Visit the Centre for Teaching and Learning – Developing a Course Syllabus website to review the list of strategies that has been adapted from Davis’ text Tools for Teaching (1993). 

Topics include:

  • Provide Basic Course Information
  • Describe Course Prerequisites
  • Describe the Course’s Purpose
  • State Learning Goals & Objectives
  • Explain the Course’s Rationale
  • Describe the Course’s Format
  • Outline the Course’s Schedule

Sample Course Outline [PDF]